First Presbyterian Church of Huntsville

FPC Hopes

In 15 – 20 Years Huntsville First Presbyterian Church Hopes To:

A gathering place for community/Christian services,
Double the number of active members,
A beacon of hope, joy, and love,
Not just the church by the Post Office,
A family supporting each other on our Christian journeys,
The church the community looks to for spiritual leadership, physical help, and moral guidance,
A safe haven for worship.

A symbol of love and safety, a safe place to come in need,
The church home for non-traditional worshipers,
More “known” in the community,
Leaders in and for the community,
A force for self and God’s love in community,
A great place for children and youth to be together, support each other, and learn to be Christians,
Larger and more diverse.

Hope we have not lost the basic Christianity and love inherent here now,
Feed Community (food and spirit),
Have new young members,
Have more music,
Have different types of services (Spanish, praise music, etc),
Have community activities and outreach in different areas,
Open arms to everyone,
Lead young into camps,
DO NOT want to be extinct!

 Opportunities for Helping the Community

The 1st Tuesday of each month, our congregation provides needed personal care and household items to people in our local community.  We have been serving 30 to 45 families each month, and feel that God is blessing our ministry! Volunteers are needed on the 1st Tuesday morning to help transport the items from United Way and the Salvation Army in Fayetteville to our church.  Other volunteers are needed from 3:30 to 5:30 to help distribute the items to our local families.    We welcome all to help as we strive to share God’s blessings with others.
Contact us if you would like to help with this local ministry.

First Presbyterian Church Huntsville Arkansas